It's time to turn off the lights!

Lights Off 4G is the first iOS puzzle game from 4Gotten Games.
Featuring 125 puzzles, a store where you can buy things...
Things like different colored, green, white, purple, or even blue.
Let's not forget about blue...we do not want to hurt blue's feelings..right? RIGHT!
Maybe you want to create your own puzzles...well you can, that's right, you can. So be creative!
Can you turn all the lights off? I think that you can.

Main Menu

Main Menu
The main menu, from here you may check out the tutorial, the store, or choose to jump right on on the different puzzles. The choice is your's. Beaten all of the levels and are looking for more of a challenge...try the Random Puzzles...very difficult.
We don't need no stinkin' instructions, right? We just play!!!! Ok maybe you would like to know that you need to tap on the specific lights to turn them off or on and you have a cancel button and a redo button, stuff like that.
Puzzle levels
Game Play
Here you can see that we have unlocked a few levels already. Each time you complete a level the next higher level is unlocked. Do this 125 times and you will unlock them all and have some hard earned credits! CHa-CHING!!!
Here is an actual puzzle you may have thought that I was never going to get to that part eh? Click a light to turn it off or on and the corresponding lights next to it as well. Turn off all the lights to complete the puzzle. Good Luck!
Advanced Game Options
Game Store
After you have purchased new lights then change them to change the look of the puzzles from now on. Go on it will be fun.
...and the almighty store, this is where you can purchase almost everything in the game. Go for it and let me know what you think.