LiL Robot, a robot’s tale and puzzle game…

LiL Robot
This is L1L. As you may have noticed L1L is a robot a brand new robot that the professor has just invented. Just as L1L is going through some final testing something happens to the professor. Now it is up to L1L to find the professor, but L1L needs your help! Can you help L1L get out of the lab and save the professor?

Lil Robot

Splash Screen
This is L1L the robot. The professor has just built L1L and is currently undergoing some final kinetic testing to verify all systems are indeed functioning. The professor is so thorough, truly a credit toward his profession. Isn't he great? L1L thinks the professor must be the greatest person in world.
As L1L is completing his final test, something happens. THE PROFESSOR IS KIDNAPPED!!!! OH NO!!! What will L1L do now? Well first L1L needs to get out of the testing facility and that will not be easy as the professor has setup several testing areas in order to put L1L through his paces. But now the professor will not be able to oversee L1L....will you help out?
Puzzle levels
LiL Robot is a puzzle progression game for the iOS platform as each puzzle is unlocked it will be available for L1L to attempt. Complete all puzzles to move on to the next chapter and ultimately find out what happened to the professor.
Earn cogs as money in order to upgrade L1L. Upgrade the engine, energy regeneration, energy, or increase the maximum energy all from the Robot Shop. Happy Shopping.
Game board
Level Cleared
Explore all of the different levels within the game. Move from level to level as the complexity and danger grows. Can you figure out all of the different logical and not so logical puzzles? Then what about the professor what happened to him?
By completing levels you are awarded cogs, yes cogs, glorious cogs. L1L can use them to purchase needed upgrades. This is not the only way L1L may procure these things. No they do show up randomly just as other things might randomly show up on any given level as well. Thanks,