US States and Capitals, one of the newest games for the iPhone platform!
9/24/2009 Update: Version 1.0.6 available on the App Store!!!

We here at 4GottenGames are very excited to share with you our upcoming game! We feel that it will be not only entertaining, but also educational.
See if you are smarter than a 5th grader. If not, take the iPhone away from them and practice until you can beat them! That's what we do.

Actual Screenshots:

Here is the new opening screen, just click on Start to begin the adventure!

A new screen for high scores has been added in version 1.0.6. This will allow for 10 high scores to be saved at each level.

Next, is the view of the entire country, can you guess the correct state, by clicking on the correct button at the bottom of the screen? You may peruse the fast facts as well, just to learn some useless trivia about the state you are attempting to guess. Oh did I forget to mention that there is a timer as well?...oops my bad!!!!

After selecting the correct state, because you know that you got that right, now choose the correct capital city from four buttons on the right side of the screen. Oh would you look at that, another timer.

Good job! You got two gold medals you are good at this. Lets see if you know all fifty states now. You must have answered quickly and correctly.

The final screen, did you do well enough to score an overall gold medal or a new high score, or did you settle for the silver, or maybe bronze? Challenge your friends, challenge your neighbors, challenge your friends' neighbors.

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